TP 304 General purpose stainless steel with good corrosion resistance for most applications. Used for: Bar rails, Boat railings, Chemical processing equipment, Chemical tubing, Column covers, Duct works, Feed-water tubes,Food processing equipment, Heat exchanger tubes, Hypodermic needles, Ladders, Mechanical & structural components, Pharmaceutical processing equipment, Piping systems, Railings, Traffic barriers, Water pipes.
TP 304H Higher carbon content than 304L, for increased strength, particularly at elevated temperatures.
TP 304L Low carbon content Chemical plant and food processing equipment, where freedom from sensitisation is required in plate thicknesses
TP 316 / 316L Used where higher corrosion resistance is required. Boat railings, Chemical tubing, Column covers, Duct works, Feed-water tubes, Food preparation equipment, Heat exchanger tubes, Hypodermic needles, Ladders, Mechanical & structural components, Pharmaceutical processing equipment, Piping systems, Railings, Street furniture, Textile tubing, Traffic barriers, Water pipes.
TP 316H Similar oxidation resistance to TP 316. Main areas of application: Heat exchangers, furnaces, chemical and petrochemical plant.
TP 321 Heat exchanger tubing, Chemical processing tubing, Pressure tank tubing. Suitable for heat resisting applications to 800°C.
TP 321H This is the high carbon version of TP 321 which ensures greater creep resistance. Behaves much the same as TP 321 in oxidation resistance. Main applications: Heat exchangers, furnaces, boilers in chemical and petrochemical plant.
TP 316Ti A titanium stabilised version of 316 used where good resistance to intergranular corrosion and high temperature strength is required.
TP 317 Chemical processing tubing, Dyeing equipment, Ink manufacturing equipment, Pulp & paper manufacturing equipment
DIN 1.4828 It is high-temperature steel for service at temperatures of up to 950-1000°C in dry air.
DIN 1.4841 It is high-temperature steel with wide application in chemical & petrochemical industries, mechanical engineering.
TP 347HFG Mainly used for boilers in the thermal power plant, reheaters and superheaters
Super-Austenitic Steels
TP 904L High resistance to general corrosion in e.g. sulphuric and acetic acids, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, pitting in chloride bearing solutions.
Ferritic and Martensitic steels
TP 405 Used for applications where hardening upon cooling from high temperatures must be avoided. Has excellent long-time stability up to 1200°F.
TP 410 General purpose grade for use in mildly corrosive environments
TP 430 Mechanical & structural tubing, Architectural tubing, Heat exchanger tubing, Condensers, Re-heaters.
S31803 Typically used in heat exchangers, gas scrubbers, fans, chemical tanks, flowlines, marine and refinery applications.
UNS S32750 Used in oil & gas, chemical process, power industries.
UNS S31254 With high levels of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen is especially suited for high-chloride environments such as brackish water, seawater and other high-chloride process streams.
UNS N08020 It is a highly alloyed iron-base nickel-chromium-molybdenum stainless steel developed primarily for use in the sulfuric acid related processes. Besides sulfuric acid related processes, some typical corrosion resistant applications for the alloy include chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pickling and FGD systems plus many others.
UNS N08825 Resistance to numerous corrosive environments, both oxidizing and reducing. Used in heat-exchanger equipment in oil & gas production.
UNS N08904 It is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel with low carbon content. The grade is intended for use under severe corrosive conditions.Use in seawater, brackish water, condensers, heat exchangers.
UNS N08800 / 08810 / 08811 Corrosion-resistant alloy for petrochemical equipment, heat exchangers and furnaces
High Temperature Seamless Pipe ASTM A106 Gr. B/C, API 5L Gr. B, ASTM A53 Gr. B
Heat Exchanger Seamless Tube ASTM A179
Low Temperature Seamless Pipe ASTM A333 Gr. 3/6
Low Temperature Seamless Tube ASTM A334 Gr. 6
High Yield Seamless Pipe API 5L Gr. X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70/X80 PSL-1/PSL-2
High Yield Seamless Pipe ISO 3183 Gr.L245, L290, L320, L360, L390, L415, L450, L485
Atmospheric & Low Temp EFW Pipes ASTM A671 Gr. CC60/CC65/CC70
High Pressure & Moderate Temp EFW Pipes ASTM A672 Gr. B60/B65/B70/C55/C60/C65/C70
High Yield ERW/SAW Pipe API 5L Gr. X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70/X80 PSL-1/PSL-2
High Yield ERW/SAW Pipe ISO 3183 Gr.L245, L290, L320, L360, L390, L415, L450, L485


ASTM (USA) UNS (USA) B.S. EN/DIN (Germany) AFNOR NF (France)
General service  Austenitic 304 S30400 304S31/ 1.4301 Z7 CN 18-09/
Z6 CN 18-09
304L S30403 304S11 1.4306 Z2 CN 18-10
1.4307 Z3 CN 18-10
304N S30451 304S71 1.6907 -
304LN S30453 304S61 1.4311 Z3 CN 18-10 Az
316 S31600 316S31 1.4401 Z7 CND 17-11-02
316S33/ 316S31 1.4436 Z7 CND 18-12-03
316L S31603 316S11/ 316S14 1.4404 Z3 CND 17-11-02/
Z3 CND 18-12-02
316S13/ 316S11 1.4435 Z3 CND 18-14-03
316N S31651 - - -
316 LN S31653 316S61 1.4406 Z3 CND 17-11 Az
316Ti S31635 320S31 1.4571 Z6 CNDT 17-12
316H S31609 316S52 1.4401/ 1.4919 Z6 CND 17-12B
321 S32100 321S31 1.4541 Z6 CNT 18-10
317 S31700 317S16 1.4449 -
317L S31703 317S12 1.4438 Z3 CND 19-15-04
347 S34700 347S31 1.455 Z6 CNNb 18-10
904L N08904 904S13 1.4539 Z2 NCDU 25-20
Duplex - S31803 - 1.4462 Z2 CND 22-05 Az
2205 S32205 318S13 1.4462 Z3 CND 22-05 Az
Ferritic 405 S40500 405S17 1.4002 Z6 C Al 13
410 S41000 410S21 1.4006 Z12C13
430 S43000 430S17 1.4016 Z8 C17
430Ti - - 1.451 Z8 CT17
Heat resistant Austenitic 304H S30409 304S51 1.4948 Z6 CN 18-09
321H S32109 321S51 1.4878 Z6 CNT 18-10
347H S34709 316Sxx 1.4961 -
310S S31008 310S16/ 310S24 1.4845 Z8 CN 25-20/
Z12 CN 25-20
310H S31009 - - -
(Italy) (Sweden) (China) (Korea)
General service  Austenitic X5CrNi18 10 2333 SUS 304 0Cr18Ni9 STS 304
 and X2CrNi18 11 2352 SUS 304L 00Cr19Ni10 STS 304L
Wet corrosion
- - - -
2371 SUS 304LN 00Cr 18Ni10N STS 304LN
X5CrNiMo17 12 2347 SUS 316 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 STS 316
X5CrNiMo17 13 2343
X5CrNiMo17 12 2348 SUS 316L 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 STS 316L
X2CrNiMo17 13 2353
- - - -
- SUS 316LN 00Cr17Ni12Mo2N STS 316LN
X6CrNiMoTi17 13 2350 SUS 316Ti 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti STS 316Ti
X8CrNiMo17 12 - - - -
X6CrNiTi18 11 2337 SUS 321 1Cr18Ni9Ti STS 321
- SUS 317
2367 SUS 317L 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 STS 317L
X6CrNiNb18 11 2338 SUS 347 0Cr18Ni11Nb STS 347
2562 - - STS 317J5L
Duplex 2377 - - -
2377 SUS 329J3L 00Cr22Ni5Mo3N STS 329J3L
Ferritic - SUS 405
X12Cr13 2302 SUS 410 1Cr12 STS 410
X8Cr17 2320 SUS 430 1Cr17 STS 430
- SUS 430LX - -
Heat resistant Austenitic X8CrNi18 10 2333 SUS 304 1Cr18Ni9 STS 304
X8CrNiTi18 11 2337 SUS 321
X8CrNiNb18 11 2347 - - -
X6CrNi25 20 2361 SUS 310S 0Cr25Ni20 STS 310S
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